Welcome to Effective Trading

We take people from all walks of life and interview and assess their potential.

From seasoned Trader to a relative newcomer we will introduce you to our Trading Floor

We are looking for people to work with us to achieve success in the financial trading world.

Our Company

  • Based in United Kingdom

    In London a small independent "Proprietary" Trading House, Investing and Trading Funds

  • World Class Trading Platform

    All our Traders use and train on Meta Trader 4. .

  • Permanent Mentoring

    Mentoring and Coaching our clients to achieve success, or discover if trading is not correct for you.

Our Business

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    Services you could depend on

    We have had many years of mentoring and training successful candidates. We follow tried and trusted methods for you to manage trades and control risks. We recruit like minded and enthusiastic people who like to learn doing a job as well as from books and internet services

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    Guaranteed added value

    The interviews and assessments will provide you and us with information as to your strengths and where you may need further deveopment. New Traders need many skills and innate qualities to become successful

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    Support you can trust

    Over 30 years of training in industry between us and use of new technology and instant communication you can rely on our services to enhance your skills and appreciate your qualities

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    Professional team at your help

    Front and back office services and the latest technolgy in the trading environment will bring confidence and effective trading. Leading to success

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Latest News

  • Latest News

    August, 2011

    Times and Dates of webinars,seminars and one on one training will be announced on September 24 2011.Times and Dates of webinars,seminars and one on one training will be announced on September 24 2011.

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  • Extra Late News

    August, 2011
  • Training information and discussions on charts and strategies can be found in the technical blogs. Read more


  • We can supply references, let you speak at your convenience in private and allow access to some of our clients. We believe in ethical trading and training, to produce well rounded and successful traders

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